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INSTANT2000  deals efficiently with the problem regarding the analysis and design of all types of beam steel structures.
All the design checks of connections and structural members are according to Eurocode 3. The software has been tested for the validity of its output results.
Prototype examples of the French standards organisation (AFNOR) and the results produced by internationally well-established high-end structural analysis systems such as ANSYS, were used as test cases.


Easy to use
  An important effort was allocated to the design of a user friendly interface,
which resulted to a fast and error protected data input capability. Numerous
graphical tools are also available for the visualisation of the results
produced by the program.

 Productivity and efficiency

  The analysis solvers have been improved and take full advantage of the Windows
32 bit architecture. Furthermore, the reports are automatically produced
in DOC file format (Microsoft Word format), complete with result tables,
drawings, diagrams and styling. These features reduce dramatically the overall
time spent by the design engineer, which is required from the initial model
set-up to the synthesis of the final report.

  The production team behind INSTANT2000 includes experienced software developers
as well as civil engineers which are experts in steel structures and Eurocode
3. This team guarantees a high-level technical support and the continuous
improvement of the software.

 Proven superiority
  INSTANT2000 is the top choice in the area of structural steelwork analysis
as it has been used in thousands steel structure studies of all types.


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