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Consistent and friendly graphical user interface environment, with minimum requirements in hardware

 Easy to learn, simple to use.

 Very fast modelling of any type of steel structure made of beams.

 Selection of physical units in any stage of the program.

 Capability to gradually develop a library of 2D parametric wire-frame models.

 Efficient tools for the definition of 3D models.

 Capability to create a 3D structure by assembling existing 2D models.

 Grouping of beams tool provides easy method to assign material, section, masses and loads.

 Materials library.

 Catalogues of all standard sections :


 equal and unequal angles (simple or back-to-back)

 round, square, rectangular hollow sections

 cold formed sections (?, C and S)

 Capability to create user sections (I or H shaped welded sections with equal or not equal flanges).

 Capability for I or H shaped tapered members.

 Weight estimation : total and per section.

 Semi-rigid degrees of freedom can be defined in support and connections.


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