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Static loads :

 self weight

 distributed or concentrated on beams



 imposed displacements

 Spectral analysis based on the Greek seismic design rules (NEAK) or on user defined spectrum.

 User defined combinations and envelopes of loading cases.


 Automatic production of reports in Word format (*.DOC), by an interactive and user friendly report generator.



 Fully automated interface for graphical and numerical presentation of the analysis results (eigenvalues, internal forces diagrams, deformed shapes).



 Design checks for all typical connection types following Eurocode 3 and automated scaled drawings of the connections details.



 Connection design reports in detailed or summary layout. Reports automatically include the detailed drawings of the checked connections.


Design checks of structural members following Eurocode 3 (classification and section design, automatic calculation of buckling lengths, buckling and lateral torsional buckling checks of member).


 Member design reports in detailed or summary layout.


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